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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Shred, day 9

Today was the first day I just really didn't feel like doing it. I tried my best to get busy and forget LOL! I did 12 push-ups on my toes and every exercise and rep in good form. Still not easy though. I am going to do 1 more day on level one, then move on up to level 2!
During the month of April, I was involved in an online FB fitness challenge. It was basically a group of us ladies encouraging and motivating one another. The other motivator was MONEY! Each of us put in $10. There were 6 "guidelines" that enabled you to accumulate points and whoever had the most points at the end would get the pot. One guideline was no sugar or "fake" sugar. And another was only 100% whole grains. So that cut out a bunch of stuff! No ice cream, cookies, soda, brownies, etc... I thought this would be impossible, but it turns out that drinking half my body weight in water every day was tougher! The challenge ended last Monday. Two had perfect scores and tied for first and I tied with another for third. With the tie breaker, I got third. Whoo hoooo!! However, I am finding myself slightly lost. I had some ice cream yesterday, just a little, and I have not felt right since. I also had some graham crackers and I just feel like blah!
Apparently the no sugar, no white flour thing agreed with me. I can see now how important that challenge actually was. 30 days off certain foods and then adding them back showed me exactly how they are affecting me: drowsy, tired, grumpy, unmotivated. I needed this because I could never have "willed myself" off of these foods. It's obvious, it must be permanent.
In conclusion, you have to eat right and exercise to get the results you long for. I have heard that a million times but I have officially proved that to myself. I could run 5 miles a day, but as long as I am eating junk, I can still maintain my overweightness and fatigue. I am eating whole foods and drinking only water now. The only sweets are fruit, plain greek yogurt, and honey. I do think I am going to try some very dark chocolate, cause a girl gotta have her chocolate!

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