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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 5-halfway through Level 1

I never work out on Sundays. Except for this past month since I have been a part of a fitness challenge. But other than that, never. I knew that I would need to get the workout in before church, so I got up early and got chores done.
Day 5 and only my quads are still just a itty bitty sore. I did almost all the reps in good form except for like 2, so that's exciting for me. I can tell my arms and shoulders are getting stronger, as well as my abs. I feel good physically, awesome mentally and incredible spiritually. Getting these 20 minute workouts done everyday are victories in themselves and are starting to add up as a whole.
Those of you who may be reading this I am going to ask for a favor: please pray for me. Thank you!

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