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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 4 of Shred

I'm feeling better so I decided to go for a run this morning with the group. 3 miles. I got a little tired at the 2.3 mark, but then regained it back. I should have kept going, but I had stuff to do!
Day 4 and I'm just a tad sore. I can walk normal and do not have to maneuver anymore to sit down. I still don't feel very strong and I could not do all the reps in proper form. I however, did more than I previously have so there is forward progress.
The arms are tough. I really thought I was stronger in the upper body! The cardio is easy other than you need a really good support bra because there is alot of jumping up and down.
I forgot to weigh this morning but I can "feel" things changing. I can't wait to get through 30 days of this!

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