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Friday, May 17, 2013

17 days of the Shred done!

Today was the first day of level 2 I felt well and strong. I did all of the reps and cardio.

In the past when I have worked out in the gym doing aerobics, I would never look at myself in the mirror. I have a completely different vision of how I look than I actually do. You know what I'm talking about... In my mind, I still look like I did when I was 20 years old. So being confronted with the reality of my post pregnancy, soft body, saggy... well you get the picture. Plus, us women just really do not like to check ourselves out in the mirror. I am, however, wishing I had a large wall mirror so I could see if I was doing the exercises properly to the max. Again, I think I have my knee a centimeter away for the floor while doing my static lunge, but reality may be a different story. Oh well... It's gonna be alright. I am doing more than I have in years and my body is
slowly transforming back to the image I have in my mind. :)

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