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Friday, August 31, 2012

Dolly, the Dun Dexter


The day was Sunday, August 26, 2012.
I just sold one of my first Dexter cows: "Jubilee Farms Dolly" and her 2012 dun heifer. We bought Dolly from a Irish Dexter Show and Sale put on by the American Dexter Cattle Association in May 2004. It seems like she may have even won a ribbon in her class. She was halter broken and lead well. She was also pregnant, very pregnant.  That July, she had a dun bull which we promptly named T-Bone. Dolly was a good 'ole cow, she always bred back, never had any health issues or calving problems, always did a wonderful job raising her calf and other than the stillborn twin heifers, gave us a healthy calf every year. You really can't ask more from a cow... Thank you Dolly and we will miss your orneriness!!! Good luck in your new home in Sandy Hook, Mississippi.

 p.s. sorry about the hurricane..

Dolly and Diana, her 2012 heifer

Dolly and Delilah, her 2011 heifer                

Dolly and Dinah, her 2008 heifer

Dolly and her 2010 steer

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Orange Lemonade

Fresh squeezed orange lemonade
We happened upon some really tasty oranges, so I bought a bunch.  I decided to juice most of them. I do have an electric juicer, but for some reason, we used this one.  I'm glad we did, because the kids and I had so much fun! We ate, we squeezed, we ate, we squeezed.... then I had a brilliant idea! Let's make orange lemonade! I couldn't tell you how much lemon juice or lemons, or how much orange juice or oranges; but it turned out great and we only added 1/2 cup of sugar! Fun and tasty project for me and the kiddos!

God Bless
Trinity Family Farm