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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 10, Level 2

I began the day with a 5K run for Camp David of the Ozarks. It was a perfect morning for a run and I felt great. Despite the long hills, I ran one of my best 5Ks ever. Covering the distance with an average time of 10:40 per mile.
Now for the hard part.. Level 2 is indeed a step up. I could not do all the strength exercises. The cardio killed me. The abs, however, were awesome. That is my rest time.
Grace was in the room with me and she kept asking me "Mom, what's wrong?" I kept telling her "It's hard, that's what's wrong!" as I'm grunting and moaning trying to do the reps... Reminded me slightly of labor....ok, ok not even remotely as painful, but similar pattern: work really hard, take a breather, work really hard, take a breather.
I did add on some extra stretching at the end. I like to hold my stretches a little longer than she does. Maybe some yoga would work too. I know nothing about yoga though. I'll have to get a DVD! Anybody know of a good one??

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