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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 14

Whew! This workout makes me sweat! I keep telling myself "sweat is fat leaving the body". The last strength circuit is killer! I am not going to move on until I can do all the reps.
I should have posted my veggie eggs recipe yesterday. It is super easy and you can modify it however you like. I have a special pan that is non-stick (I know, it's my only one..I can't cook eggs without it though) It is small; perfect for 2 eggs. I melt a half tbsp of real butter then dice up some onions and sauté. While those are cooking, dice up some bell pepper and add it. On top of that, add fresh spinach and break the eggs on top. The trick is to cook them very low until you get your eggs where you like them. I do not like crispy on my eggs. I flip mine for "over easy". Viola! 155 calorie, protein packed, 1 serving of veggie, fat burning breakfast.

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