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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 21 of The Shred

I am still chugging along... Still on level 2 and its still pretty tough.

It has occurred to me just how incredibly blessed we are in this country. I am forcing myself to work hard to loose weight and inches while so many struggle just to find their next meal. I have so many foods available to me at any given time that I have limit myself from overeating. Many people are undernourished because they can only find a few different foods to eat. Is all this exercising and dieting meaningless? Why am I so incredibly blessed? I must be the least deserving...

One of my favorite books and devotions is Made to Crave. I have a lot in common with the author, including age. She focuses on adjusting our need to crave something (such as cookies n such) to craving Him. I am all about more of Him and if that means bearing some burden for the poor and hungry, I will.

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