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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I told myself I was NOT going to do THIS again

Yep. I did it. I made a rule and then I broke my own rule. Actually, it's a 2 part rule; 1) I am not bringing ANY new goats to the farm. They must be born here to stay here. 2) I will certainly not trade our Dexters for goats. Who trades a cow for goats? 

Ok, so technically I didn't trade a cow/calf pair for a dozen goats. They are 2 separate transactions. I sold the cow to pay for the goats. Oh booooyyyy....

In my defense, this was a great opportunity to get quality, high percentage Kiko yearling doelings, ready to breed, in their prime. 
They came from Arcadia Valley Goats farm close by in Ironton.  They have decided to sell them all. They only had like 800 some goats..  These girls will be hardy, good parasite resistance, hopefully good mothers and will require little input from us. While we are investing less in terms of input, we should be increasing our output as well. These kids will be worth more as breeding stock for the commercial meat goat breeder. 

I like goats. They are transforming the pastures (In a very much good way)! Goat kids are the best, great entertainment! Good for the soul!  And we had a heifer year here at the farm. I have replacements for the cow/calf pair. It's all good, right??

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