Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Around the Farm- Fall 2013 Photo Collection TFF

                      "Cow Pasture"

               "Persimmon Over Pond"

                   "Cedar Berries"

                  "Down the Fence"

                    "Leaning Tree"

                 "Surrounding Color"

                   "Old Fence Line"

           "Blue Copper Maran Rooster"

          "Splash Copper Maran Rooster"

            "Jasmine- Irish Dexter Heifer"


                "Shepherd On Guard"

              "Brother n Sister LGD"


               "Dun Dexter Trio"

             "Trinity FF Hosanna"

                 "Watering Hole"

             "Bright Sunshiny Morning"

                   "Goat Pasture"

                   "Goat Pasture"

                  "The Round Oak"

                "Midget White Hen"

       "Duck Pond in the Chicken Yard"


                    "Big Pasture"

                  "Window View"

                "Window View 2"

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